Elevon at Campus El Segundo

25 Jan 2016

One of our recently completed projects at Elevon at Campus El Segundo, a trendy, upscale business/retail center in El Segundo, CA.

Elevon Water FeatureModern accents blend with natural finishes creating a striking architectural statement in this innovative mixed-use environment set off by a serene yet impactful water wall. Charged with matching the project’s aesthetic while enhancing the surrounding environment, California Waters designed and constructed a 20-foot long, double-sided granite water wall complete with an upper reflection basin that flows over angled side walls into decorative rock. LED lighting provides a subtle glow from under the rocks setting off the cascading water, especially as dusk sets in.

Faced with an accelerated schedule, California Waters met the challenge by initiating a poured-in-place vault which included extensive on-site forming. The complex concrete structure, the backbone of the whole fountain, had to attain perfect symmetry in order to achieve both a reflecting basin and overflow cascades. Instead of pouring sloped walls, rectangular walls were formed and then structural foam was used for shaping. Fiberglass rods run throughout the structure for support and strength.