Golf Courses

Whether it’s to add challenge, buffer outside sounds, improve storage or enhance aesthetics, water features, artfully built by California Waters, can make a golf course unforgettable.

The secret to making a golf course unforgettable? Just add a water feature.

A golf course water feature can include lakes, streams, ponds, waterfalls, and creeks, and serves many beneficial purposes: creating a more challenging hole, course visual enhancement,  the sound creates a calming effect, as well as a buffer from traffic noise, machinery and other golfers, and water storage for irrigation.

Our professional designers and construction and service teams understand the unique water feature needs of a golf course.

For existing waterscapes we offer renovation services which can include operational costs savings by installing energy-efficient electrical/plumbing technology and equipment.

To maintain the water features on your golf course and grounds, we also offer regularly scheduled maintenance programs, ongoing or one-time repairs, leak detection, and 7-day/24-hour emergency service for our customers.

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A sample of golf course projects:

  • Overall course design & use (the routing or layout of the golf holes)
  • Location, elevation, & visibility for maximum impact
  • Water availability
  • Vegetation
  • Recirculation systems
  • Irrigation feed systems
  • Ground water systems
  • Regular maintenance


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