Special Effects

Special effects heighten the senses of sight and sound. California Waters transforms water into a performance using lighting, music, and timing, entertaining visitors and encouraging them to enjoy, linger and return to your location.

Water adds excitement, energy and movement to any environment, immediately capturing the attention and imagination of your guests, shoppers, residents, and owners. Let California Waters transform water into a spectacular water experience with a host of special effects that draw crowds and keep them coming back, time and again. With expert technical knowledge and execution, we’ll artfully combine lights, music, fog, fire, and choreography to bring your water feature to vibrant life. Perfectly timed for maximum impact, our mesmerizing water performances provide a spectacle for the senses, for audiences of all ages.

“When you can bring an iconic, landmark fountain that’s over 80 years old back to life in grand fashion, you’re the company I want on my team.”

The Electric Fountain: Nolan Coldwell, Matt Construction


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  • Choreography
  • Shows
  • Lighting
  • Fog
  • Mist
  • Fire
  • Music


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