The challenge of developing your vision requires an integration of a number of service professionals. At California Waters we know collaboration is key to a smoothly executed plan, and have vast experience working hand-in-hand with city planners, surveyors, architects, landscape architects, engineers, estimators, and various types of subcontractors, to successfully bring your project to life, within your budget.

Our in-house design, engineering, and construction teams cater to the large or small projects of the developer; from offices, housing, retail centers, and golf courses, to hospitals, hotels, and casinos, we believe quality workmanship is paramount.

Water elements in your plan highlight the overall design impact and are a powerful community connection tool. Trust the unique 360-degree services of California Waters to provide skilled pre- and post-construction water feature solutions.

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  • Fountains
  • Water Features
  • Lakes, Ponds, Streams
  • Aquatic Parks
  • Interactive Splash Pads
  • Swimming Pools
  • Reflecting Pools
  • Architectural Waterfalls
  • Children’s Water Play Areas
  • Multi-Function Water Feature Areas


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