California Waters promotes a culture of receptiveness in which all of our employees are encouraged to contribute creative concepts, welcome new challenges, and continually expand our knowledge base. We maintain a casual working environment with an intense focused approach akin to a start up. Our customers always come first, and we collectively move as one to service our customers short and long term needs.

It is our people that make us the successful, fast growing company that we are today. Since Mark Pitman and Jeffrey Barman recapitalized California Waters in late 2009, we have been a team-based, client-centric organization.

Our diverse work backgrounds, experiences, and skills, position California Waters to continue to be the leader of our industry. We thrive by working collectively with one another to strengthen our products and services and build long lasting relationships with our clients.

By fostering positive change and growth in the workplace, we are able to constantly produce quality work through our dedicated and skilled employees. We work hard at maximizing individual potential, maintaining an emphasis on quality deliverables and service integrity, and cultivating an environment where creativity can flourish.