From classic to novel, stunning to serene, California Waters will take your vision and turn it into breath-taking reality.


Our creative partnership begins with the concept – the subtle currents that propel a design from average to extraordinary. By understanding your environment, your audience, and your goals, we ensure the water element or pool we design connects with people emotionally and visually, while providing functionality.  From capturing your aesthetic preference to identifying your architectural parameters, we bring the fluid thinking, resourceful innovation and strategic planning required to move smoothly from an idea on paper to project in production.

Design Consulting

Every water project comes with ripples. By partnering with you during the design and/or design engineering phase, and successfully coordinating with other design team members, we help you address and minimize the unique challenges of working with water. Calling on our invaluable in-the-trenches experience in construction and post-construction, we take proactive measures during the critical planning phase to identify and resolve prospective issues before they arise, saving you and your client time and money. With innovation and ingenuity, we’ll value engineer your design while remaining true to your original vision. By sharing our expertise on the front-end, we’ll help you create value and control costs.


Simply put, California Waters is the design-build expert.  Project coordination becomes a breeze.  Plans are prepared correctly and communication is seamless.  One entity, one contract, one streamlined flow of work from initial concept through completion.  Unified from the outset, our integrated team will deliver a project faster, more cost-effectively, and with fewer change orders and RFI’s, saving you time, money and headaches…we make it easy.

“California Waters provided very valuable knowledge of the systems and helped the design team figure out issues. They act as a partner throughout the process.”

-Victoria Gardens: Aaron Eveland, Principal, Fulcrum Construction


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    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Hydraulic Modeling
    • 3D Visualization & Simulation
    • Lighting Design
    • Electrical Systems
    • Plumbing Design
    • Plan Production
    • Agency Permitting

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