This 2-acre man-made lake, perfect for enjoying California’s fresh air and sunshine is now the showcase of San Lorenzo Park. A raised boardwalk along the lake’s northwestern perimeter provides a beautiful view of the rippling water and trees beyond. Underwater natural filtration zones, created by selecting and planting aquatic plants known to support a lake’s ecosystem, are strategically located around the perimeter of the lake. As water flows through these zones, the plants serve as a natural filter to improve the water quality before circulating back into the main lake.

The community addition provides residents and visitors alike a wonderful oasis to relax and enjoy the sun reflecting off of the water, or picnic with family while watching ducks and swans bob on the surface.

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Location: San Lorenzo, CA

Project Type: Waterscapes, Lakes & Streams

Project Capability: Construction

Market: Public & Community

Status:  Completed 2017