Places of Worship

Throughout history, water has signaled an oasis. Offering areas of relaxation and restoration from both mental and emotional fatigue, water features can also stimulate the senses providing an emotional lift.

Water has a central place in the practices and beliefs of many religions, and a decorative water feature is often the cornerstone of a church, mosque, temple, synagogue, and cemetery landscape.

California Water’s approach to designing water features for places of worship is to weave natural and manmade elements into a memorial area that provides a beautiful and serene place for people to reflect and remember their loved ones. Our specialty in this field includes baptismal fonts, niches for interment rights, and other related indoor water designs.

Our services include the design, engineering, construction, renovation, repair and/or regular maintenance of fountains, waterscapes, lakes, ponds, and streams that contribute to an ultimate calming environment for visitors.

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