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From splash pads to community pools, and from fountains to lakes, California Waters are experts on blending the overall project vision with meeting all city and health codes, at a realistic price point.

When an architect, developer or contractor is given the responsibility to include a water feature at a public entity or community facility, they choose to work with the in-house designers, engineers and builders at California Waters for one simple and powerful reason: we are experts on how to blend the overall vision of the project with meeting all city and health codes at a realistic price point.

We work with a building’s architectural style, a property’s theme, or a government, school, or city’s installation requirements. We cater to properties and facilities with an adult/children aspect, such as parks, playgrounds, and aquatic facilities. For instance, we design spray parks with various water flow movements such as jetting or misting, to create an interactive, safe, and fun community environment.

In addition to in-house design, engineering and construction services, we also offer renovation services, regularly scheduled maintenance programs, ongoing or one-time repairs, leak detection, and 7-day/24-hour emergency service for our customers.

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A sample of our public and community projects includes:

  • Interactive splash pads
  • Pools & reflecting pools
  • Fountains
  • Lakes, ponds, & streams
  • Waterfalls & water walls

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