Architects by nature are visionaries. Whether your client has creative ideas of their own or they are relying on your visionary talent and imagination for the conceptual development of a water feature or commercial pool, you can turn to California Waters to help move from idea to concept to reality. With a focus on constructability, we can serve as your in-house consultant from day 1 ensuring your design can be built in the way you envision it.

Your project may be broad – where the water feature or pool is just one of many components in the overall project, or it may be the focal point of the project, either way, we can help. As a full-service design, engineering and construction contractor with vast commercial and public works experience, California Waters understands your goals and knows how to collaborate with you to deliver exceptional water feature and aquatic solutions for your customers.

From engineering for an existing water concept to complete beginning-to-end design development, we have the in-house design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering expertise to make your water feature, fountain and aquatic concepts come to life.

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