Setting off the main entrance to the corporate campus, visitors, employees and guests are welcomed by the sound of water cascading down the variegated natural stone front of a 36′ long water wall surrounded on two sides by ¼” stainless steel wing walls. Ten cascade jets with LED lights are housed within the linear reflecting pool and create the weir overflow effect. In the evening, the water wall is continuously up lit using twelve LED flood lights within the bottom basin which is lined with black Mexican Beach Pebble.

Additionally, twin 35′ long water features enhance the east to west corridor of this international complex. Each fountain presents a stunning 297 square foot reflective upper weir that mirrors it’s surroundings. Water flows gently over all four sides of the single-piece, sandblasted stainless-steel weir into 190 square foot catch basins covered in Mexican cobble. The entire perimeter of each water feature is up lit using linear LED strip lights running continuously along the lower basin, perfectly illuminating the water, streaming smoothly down each side.

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Location: Orange County, CA

Project Type: Water Features

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: Medical

Status:  Completed 2020

“California Waters brought their expertise to the project and worked with the team from the design phase into construction to build 3 beautiful fountains.  They shared recommendations and ideas to improve the end product and meet the client’s expectations.”

-Katherine Hall, DPR Construction

“The fountains look great, especially with the lights on. Thank you for all your hard work and overcoming the hurdles we put in front of you.” 

James Green, DPR Construction