Interactive Splash Pad Service

Creative, interactive splash pads bring out the curiosity and joy in everyone – but only if they are working properly.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive package of ongoing maintenance programs for splash pads throughout Southern California.  Regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs will assure your splash pad continues to work properly and efficiently , which prolongs the longevity of both the equipment and the structure.

Splash Pad Services:

  • Chemical control and injection equipment installation and repair
  • Troubleshooting, repair and installation of all types of:
    • Water filtration equipment
    • Automated chemical controllers
    • Chemical delivery systems
    • UV  and ozone systems
    • Motor controls and VFD’s
  • Interior/perimeter cleaning
  • Water quality assessment, treatment & changing as needed
  • Service of pumps, filters & skimmers
  • Equipment, plumbing & electrical checks
  • Lighting systems checks
  • Leak Inspection
  • Water Chemistry testing and balancing

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Our service area comprises all of Southern California, including the counties of: