Our in-house teams of construction specialists are experts at integrating the most innovative and cost-effective construction techniques to bring you the highest quality aesthetics and efficiency.

Water adds an element of complexity to any project. From a competition pool to a stunning water feature, the unpredictable nature of working with water continually presents new challenges that impact your schedule, your budget, and can even bring construction to a screeching halt. Which is why it’s vital to partner with a proactive expert with the specific skill set and knowledge to identify and address any complications that may arise. As authorities on the unique attributes of working with water, we use innovative and lean construction techniques critical to staying on time and on budget. Our highly skilled, specialized construction crews will give you the freedom to focus your efforts elsewhere, knowing quality and execution won’t be compromised.

“If you want something done right the first time, you choose the best contractor.”

-Holy Sepulcher Mausoleum: Mike Padian, President, Padian Team Consulting


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A Sample of California Waters’ Construction & Related Services:

  • Accurate Project Budget/Estimating for Complete Construction
  • Design Options to Meet the Client’s Vision
  • Site Preparation/Demolition if Required
  • Water Feature/Hardscape Construction Concrete (Design, Form, Pour, Reinforcing, Pre-Cast, Finish), Stamped or Stained Concrete, Shotcrete, Tile, Etc.
  • Equipment, Plumbing, Electrical Installation
  • Commissioning/Start-Up and Post-Build Adjustments
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance


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