Our signature 360° customized service approach prevents problems before they start – a crucial component to maintaining continuous, crystal clear and engaging water features and pools.

Water Features, Fountains, Waterscapes, Lakes, Ponds and Streams

A crystal clear, free-flowing water feature is a beautiful addition to any environment. Yet even the most well thought out feature can get water imbalance issues, equipment stress, or recurring algae blooms. Of course, preventing problems before they start is the best solution. As part of California Waters’ signature 360° service, we offer expert maintenance and service for all sizes and types of water features.

Because the frequency of how often a water feature should be serviced varies per feature, we visit the site, review all components and provide a maintenance schedule recommendation. We specialize in regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning programs, from once-monthly to daily, and everything in between. The majority of our customers have once or twice weekly service schedules. As an added benefit, we provide 24-hour emergency service – 7 days a week – for our service customers.

Commercial Pools and Aquatics

Whether you are in the public, leisure or residential market, we focus on making your job easier.

For clients who maintain a commercial pool or aquatic center at a university, municipality or school district- we know your most pressing issue is keeping operational costs down under a variety of situations.  We can help you identify and implement systems to maintain water balance standards that will focus on lowering operational costs – especially under extreme loads.

For our Leisure Market clients, from resorts, to health clubs to HOA/ residential communities, we know the importance of aesthetics to your patrons and residents…the allure of clean, sparkling water play areas that are inviting both to them and their families.  We have the expertise to identify and coordinate the technical requirements to ensure you can maintain the highest water quality at the lowest operation cost. We lower the cost, not the standard or quality.

“As one of the largest and fastest growing property managers in Southern California, it is critical to have vendors that can keep up with our increasing needs. California Waters is able to provide the kind of service we need to maintain multiple fountains and water features at a combination of apartments, townhomes, retail and public spaces and satisfy all of our constituents including homeowners, renters, shoppers and visitors.  With a mixture of aging and new water features, a comprehensive and technical knowledge base is needed and they deliver. They assisted us in working through and minimizing the impact of the drought at Phase I and we are a prime example of how important it is to turn a feature off properly so that it can be turned back on with minimal impact – which was done through the help of their team. When Phase II of the subdivision came on-board, we immediately turned to California Waters to provide the service component.”

Playa Vista: Forrest Graef, Aquatic Facilities Manager, FirstService Residential

“It’s not often that you can say that you’ve been with a service provider for years.  And it’s even rarer to be able to say that they consistently provide a high level of service that addresses your specific needs.  Quality, consistency, dependability are all words that I would use to describe California Waters maintenance and repair services.  We are fortunate to have found a company that we have developed a level of trust in to maintain our Class A office building’s stream, waterfall and pond for the long-term.”

Tireco: Mary Farazza, Senior Property Manager, Birtcher Anderson

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Overall Services:

  • Interior/perimeter cleaning
  • Water quality assessment, treatment & changing as needed
  • Rocks & gravel cleaning
  • Service of pumps, filters & skimmers
  • Equipment, plumbing & electrical checks
  • Lighting systems checks
  • Pressure wash of waterfalls, streams & ponds
  • Inspection for apparent leaks
  • Water Chemistry testing and balancing

Commercial Pool Services:

  • Chemical control and injection equipment installation and repair
  • Competitive timing systems
  • Troubleshooting, repair and installation of all types of:
    • Water filtration equipment
    • Automated chemical controllers
    • Chemical delivery systems
    • UV  and ozone systems
    • Motor controls and VFD’s
    • Water level controllers
    • ADA compliance issues

Our service area comprises all of Southern California, including: