Commercial Pool Service

Our signature 360° customized service approach prevents problems before they start – a crucial component to maintaining crystal clear pools that sparkle.

Whether you are in the public, leisure, or residential market, we focus on making your job easier.

For clients who maintain a commercial pool or aquatic center at a university, municipality or school district- we know your most pressing issue is keeping operational costs down under a variety of situations.  We can help you identify and implement systems to maintain water balance standards that will focus on lowering operational costs – especially under extreme loads.

For our Leisure Market clients; from resorts to waterparks, health clubs to HOA/ residential communities, we know the importance of aesthetics to your patrons and residents…the allure of clean, sparkling water play areas that are inviting both to them and their families.  We have the expertise to identify and coordinate the technical requirements to ensure you can maintain the highest water quality at the lowest operational cost. We lower the cost, not the standard or quality.

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Commercial Pool Services:

  • Chemical control and injection equipment installation and repair
  • Competitive timing systems
  • Troubleshooting, repair and installation of all types of:
    • Water filtration equipment
    • Automated chemical controllers
    • Chemical delivery systems
    • UV  and ozone systems
    • Motor controls and VFD’s
    • Water level controllers
    • ADA compliance issues


Our service area comprises all of Southern California, including the counties of: