San Diego County’s popular Waterfront Park and play fountains opened in 2014. Designed by Schmidt Design Group, the fountains’ 31 jets spray 14-foot arcs of water into a shallow basin where children play and cool off. Some 1,500 visitors per day experience the fountains at peak use. Due to the impact of this extensive usage on the filters, the county elected to purchase and install a new sand filtration system that would operate more efficiently and use less water.

While the original filters did their job, they used more than 1 million gallons of water per year, county officials said. They also required an estimated $182,500 worth of maintenance each year, which takes the popular fountains out of commission for around two weeks. Officials expect the replacement filters to save almost all of that water, time and money.

Working inside a tight space and working around a tight deadline of only two weeks, California Waters commercial aquatics renovation team worked around the clock to successfully remove the existing filtration system and install and commission the new one, in part by creatively using a crane to demolish and remove the original coated tubing equipment.

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Location: San Diego, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability: Renovation

Market: Public & Community

Status:  Completed 2016