Dancing fire greets patrons of Pechanga Resort and Casino as part of a captivating water feature display of the elements. Below flames that flicker from bowls sitting atop three massive pots, an impressive stone veneer reflecting pool lined with smooth, black tile reflects the sky above. In the evening, light radiates through pattern-cut light boxes welcoming guests. Additionally, hues of bright blue, vibrant green and captivating pinks and reds cast glowing reflections upon the rippling water flowing from the fire pots into the basin below.

Continuing the resort’s theming, a second intricately tiled water feature beckons patrons to the heart of Spa Pechanga. Expertly mitered to round the granite, the fountain is covered in a complex, custom earth-toned pattern featuring imported mosaic tile from Italy. Water glides from beneath three large brass-colored acorns across the surface of the fountain into the basin below.

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Pechanga Resort & Casino Colored Fire Water FeaturePechanga Resort & Casino fire water feature at night

Acorn water feature in Pechanga SpaPurple light shining from fire water feature









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Location: Temecula, CA

Project Type: Water Feature, Special Effects

Project Capability: Construction

Market: Hospitality

Status: Completed 2018