One of the largest public works projects in the City of Monrovia’s history, Monrovia Station Square Transit Village features three acres of open space including a community park, children’s play area, event lawn, promenade and bio trail designed by AHBE Landscape Architects. The community gathering area in front of the train station is set-off by three 33-foot long fountains, designed by California Waters, which each house ten cascade jets with LED ring lights within the linear reflecting pools. Water cascades over all four sides into a lower holding basin covered with cobble that matches the surrounding landscape.

California Waters value engineered the project to connect the fountains via equalizing plumbing lines, enabling a single filtration system to handle all three features.  The effects are handled via two pumps, one for the weir and one for the cascade nozzles, providing the capability to raise and lower the height of the geysers depending on the effect desired. Each fountain has a discharge manifold that houses ten adjustable cascade jets. The automated lighting system includes warm, white LED lights to match the park’s existing lighting.

The biggest challenge was ensuring the elevation across the total length of all three water features – more than 120 feet – was the same.

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Location: Monrovia, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: Public & Community

Status:  Completed 2016