A stunning water wall with a reflecting upper basin was commissioned for this global headquarters, located in Orange County, CA.  The goal was to enhance the aesthetics and experience for their employees and visitors.

California Waters was tapped to construct the water feature. Forty foam jet nozzles located in the upper basin create water flow and are the source of the waterfall. Set off by forty LED lights, these foam jets include choreographed animation effects creating water jets that raise and lower in height at preset times.  Our construction challenge on this project was to ensure the installation of the plumbing components below grade didn’t vary by more than a sixteenth of an inch in order to achieve perfect alignment of the forty jets within the upper basin.  Completing the effect, the waterfall flows into a lower holding basin and disappears through shale flagstone into an intake pit.

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Location: Orange County, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: Medical

Status:  Completed 2015