Airport Tower is a 17-story Class ‘A’ high-rise office building located in Irvine, CA. This striking 44 x 8’ water wall, setting off the building, incorporates black-raked basalt to provide the texture that gives the water a noticeable, interesting appearance as it flows down the basalt.  Symmetrical, dramatic finishes add to the extraordinary look. Flanking the central area are 3” wide black and white matte finish porcelain tiles framing the large end walls.  The seat wall cap is 3-inch thick solid fabricated basalt along with a water wall weir of 2-inch thick basalt.  Over 400 gallons of water flow over the entire wall. The bottom basin is lined with 4 x 4 black ceramic tiles and five LED lighting fixtures complete the impressive effect.

Architecturally the tile lines up flawlessly from the floor to the top in.  The top of the weir had to be within 1/16th of an inch of being perfectly level in order for the water to flow down the face of the fountain correctly.

The water feature includes full chemical treatment automation as well as a smart technology pump that is fully programmable and provides energy savings.

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Airport Tower Water FeaturesAirport Tower Water FeaturesAirport Tower Water FeaturesAirport Tower Water Features










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Location: Irvine, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability: Construction

Market: Office

Status:  Completed 2016