10880 Wilshire sits in the very center of the action in Westwood at the corner of Wilshire and Westwood Boulevard. The signature, multi-level water wall and jet display water feature provides an amazing arrival experience. Water flow-rates of more than 1,350 gallons per minute dance down a chiseled and honed basalt face before flowing under the deck to the holding tank below. Three distinctive jet clusters create frothy, white mounds emanating from the center of the reflection basin. The linear LED lighting system combines the latest in RGBACL technology making it the most powerful and versatile light fixture in the industry.  Brilliant, rotating multi-color illumination creates a spectacular evening backdrop to this landmark location.

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10880 Wilshire Water Feature10880 Wilshire Water Feature






















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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Type: Water Feature

Project Capability:  Construction

Market: Office

Status: Completed 2020