As it enters its second decade, one of the region’s premier shopping destinations, Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga is getting a face-lift.The pedestrian-oriented design, including resting spaces known as parklets, provides a more edgy feel to the center to give millennials an area they can relate to. As part of the shopping center rejuvenation efforts, California Waters constructed a central special effect fountain flanked by 2 identical granite fountains. Each outer feature contains a reflective upper basin where water then flows over four sides. A linear LED lighting fixture lights the fountain from below at the discharge trough. The granite for both the fountains and the solid, chiseled-finish granite benches that surround the fountains, is flamed black mosabi granite.  These two striking water features flank the distinctive central fountain which incorporates a ¼” bronze architectural piece with multiple holes of varying sizes in the top discharge plate.  Water bubbles through these holes producing varying sized “mounds” of water which creates a continuous architectural rippling effect on the top of the water.

Of special note is the addition of a unique, animated fog special effect – rarely seen in this type of fountain. When the water from the tabletop falls through the grate and is returned to the below-grade surge tank, 9 fog nozzles are exposed, producing an amazing dry fog which can be seen both during the day and into the evening.  In addition, 8 linear LED lighting fixtures illuminate the holes with an additional 8 lighting fixtures below the grade.  After a few minutes of fog, the fountain returns to its original, static appearance.The project’s biggest challenge was accommodating the size of two massive excavations as well as the 10’ x 20’ x 10’ vault installation within the confined space of an operating retail mall.  The solution was to custom build a surge tank off-site and ultimately utilize a 200-ton hydraulic crane to set the vault on-site.  Approximately 600 cubic yards of dirt was removed from the excavation. With retail centers scrambling to differentiate themselves and provide shoppers with an authentic experience, the new water feature at Victoria Gardens both stimulates the senses and provides the ultimate location to encourage people to socialize while they shop and dine.

Victoria Gardens Special Effect - Photo 1Victoria Gardens Special Effect - Photo 2

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Location: Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Project Type: Water Feature, Special Effects

Project Capability: Construction

Market: Retail

Status: Completed 2016