Valencia Park Sprayground

Valencia Park’s splash pad, featuring colorful, interactive water toys that excite and delight children of all ages, went under extensive renovation after years of enjoyment took their toll on both the system and equipment. Upgrades to the popular Fullerton park attraction included the design and construction of a new recirculation system and brought the water play environment up to code.

A new structure houses the splash pad’s equipment to ensure public safety and prevent damage from the elements. California Waters completed the renovation in under 2 months, shaving 40 days off the standard renovation timeline for a project of similar scope. Every effort was made to keep the park accessible to families during construction, to ensure the enjoyment of fresh air and laughter weren’t compromised.

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Location: Fullerton, CA

Project Type: Interactive Splash Pads

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Renovation

Market: Public & Community

Status: Completed 2017