This 25-meter x 25 yard competition-sized swimming pool at South San Francisco High School underwent both an expansion and renovation. Construction focused on expanding the pool by two lanes, adding approximately 2,200 square feet to the original 5,300-square foot pool. Other upgrades included eight new starting blocks, a lifeguard tower, and new water polo goals. In addition to providing expanded handicap access, upgraded drainage slots were incorporated into the new pool deck.  Because the site’s existing soil was the consistency of quicksand, California Waters incorporated a process called bridging, where more than two feet of rock was installed in order to stabilize the site.

South San Francisco High School South San Francisco High School South San Francisco High School










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Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Type: Commercial Pools & Aquatics

Project Capability: Demolition/New Construction

Market: Public & Community

Status: Completed 2017