Renovations  that include demolition and new construction are always a challenge – you simply don’t know what to expect until the project commences, but when construction must be completed within 75 days it takes the restoration project to a whole new level.

Fletcher Hills is a commercial, public lap pool.  The project scope included the installation of new plaster, tile and coping along with demoing the existing deck and pouring an entire new deck. The renovation team installed new deck drains and modified the existing main drains to be code compliant Two additional skimmers were retrofitted into the pool.  New mechanical and chemical treatment systems as well as filters, a heater, and a recirculating pump were also installed.

New construction also included ADA compliant outdoor showers, male and female locker rooms and lifeguard dressing rooms, all finished with an epoxy, non-slip floor coating. New signage was installed throughout. All completed within 75 days of the commencement of the project, the pool is a shimmering example of teamwork and commitment to excellence.


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Location: El Cajon, CA

Project Type: Commercial Pools & Aquatics

Project Capability: Construction, Renovation

Market: Public & Community

Status: Completed 2016