The Baker Block luxury apartment complex is one of the first multi-family developments to be built in Costa Mesa in over 10 years. To generate a true sense of community, a large open-air courtyard surrounds a sparkling pool and spa, creating an inviting space for residents to congregate and socialize.  Sleek in its simplicity, the blue and black glass mosaic tile circling the pool’s perimeter compliments the fresh browns and whites of the surrounding pool-side cabanas. Lush vegetation grows throughout the courtyard, bringing a coastal-curated environment to life.

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Apartment pool and spa in Costa MesaLuxury apartment pool lit at night

Apartment hot tub and pool in courtyardCosta Mesa apartment hot tub

Courtyard spa and pool lit at nightEvening apartment pool lights













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Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Project Type: Commercial Pools & Aquatics

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: HOA & Residential

Status: Completed 2018