Needing a complete face-lift to bring this municipal pool up to code and erase years of wear and tear, California Waters undertook the task of completely renovating the aquatic facility owned by the City of Anaheim at Pearson Park. Renovations included the removal of the existing concrete deck and pool plaster and complete removal of the antiquated J-gutter system which was replaced by the installation of a state of the art, full-size gutter system. Tile replacement included both water-line tile and new lane line and targets. A complete re-plaster was performed as well. Surrounding the pool, a new cantilever concrete deck completed the facelift.

To complete the modernization, energy efficient equipment including new pumps were also installed. Additional updates included state of the art ADA lifts, starting blocks, rope anchors, depth markers and hand and grab rails. Bringing the pool up to code was a main focus, and main drains were installed to the new VGBA standards. Outdated lighting was replaced with energy efficient LED equivalents for both cost and aesthetic benefits.

Pearson Park Municipal PoolPearson Park Municipal Pool






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Location: Anaheim, CA

Project Type: Aquatics & Pools

Project Capability: Construction, Renovation

Market: Public & Community

Status: Completed 2014