Designed for children of all abilities, the Eagle Soar Splash Pad offers an inclusive and welcoming place where children with special needs can play, explore and socialize. Combining a zero-depth splash pad with fun elements, and interactive stations with kinesthetic play prompts, the splash pad offers an exceptional play experience for the residents of Temecula. With safety as a concern, the enclosure has only one entry and exit to prevent children from wandering. California Waters spearheaded the construction and commissioning of the splash pad through project designer, Pacific Play Systems located in Carlsbad, California.

The 45″ diameter splash pad includes multi-featured play equipment, popcorn jets, upstream jets and an activation ballard that senses when a child enters the zone. It includes touch sensors that activate a rain tree, and foot activated sensors which activate a ground-level keyboard, sending sound and water up the keyboard pipes. The chemical system includes both UV sterilization as well as traditional chlorine and acid. Although it’s an unusual form of measurement – more than ½ mile of rebar was used in the construction of the splash pad.

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Location: Margarita Park, Temecula CA

Project Type: Splash Pad

Project Capability: Engineering, Construction

Market: Public & Community

CPRS Award of Excellence




“For PPSI, Margarita Park was our first splash pad project and of course a complicated one, but the final product has exceeded everyone’s expectation.  I’m glad that we had California Waters on our team.  Your expertise really paid off in getting this project done successfully, given its level of complexity and we hope to be able to work with California Waters from the early stages,once we get another opportunity like this one.”

Ali Bermanian, President, Pacific Play Systems Inc.