Cutting-edge water jets and lights illuminate the night sky while robotic nozzles spray dancing water from side to side to the beat of an exhilarating musical score in this awe-inspiring water feature. The stunning show fountain is specifically designed to create an entrancing water performance in front of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Each night, vibrant lights illuminate the water below while excited spectators try to match the rhythm of a water show unfolding right before their eyes. It all feels like visitors are watching a performance inside of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, however, the theatrical water show happens well before guests ever step foot inside.

Glimpses of the towering fountains and animated LED lights, central to the water feature’s showy design, are easily seen from all corners of Ocean Boulevard. An elevated platform takes center stage in the grandiose water fountain. There, jets drive water from one edge of the platform to the next, creating a series of dramatic aquatic arches that also keep the water clear and free of seagulls. Underneath the arches, water flows evenly over the edge of the platform through a series of channels.

The City of Long Beach envisioned a water feature that not only greets visitors and spectators with a theatrical display of water works but also delivers a family-friendly attraction for Long Beach residents. Visitors and residents alike can view the water performance starting at 10:00 am daily. The show is 4 ½ minutes long and repeats every ten minutes until 10:00 pm. California Waters completed the project within an extremely tight construction schedule to ensure the water feature would be operational for the City’s Grand Opening, including working through the early morning hours the night before to guarantee a dazzling show right on time for the Opening Ceremonies!

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Location: Long Beach, CA

Project Type: Water Feature, Special Effects

Project Capability: Construction

Market: Entertainment, Public & Community

Status: Completed 2018