Douglas Park

Just a stone’s throw from the craziness of the Wilshire business district is the idyllic Douglas Park in Santa Monica. In the beautifully landscaped park, you’ll find a concrete rink that becomes a water feature in the summer as well as a delightful pond full of ducks, turtles and fish, which California Waters maintains.

This man-made waterscape includes one large and two small connecting ponds, a waterfall and two streams. It is Los Angeles County’s largest municipal pond and the focal point of the Santa Monica parks department. California Waters provides ongoing maintenance services, including trimming plants, safe water treatment products and plan, and an annual deep cleaning. Some of the challenges of servicing this project include mitigating the impact to its inhabitants including ducks, fish, turtles, and plants as well as maintaining its appearance in light of the volume of visitors per month.

Douglas Park Waterscape





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Location: Santa Monica, CA

Project Type: Waterscape

Project Capability: Service, Repair

Market: Public & Community

Status:  Ongoing