The Millenia Project is a 210-acre multi-billion dollar urban-style development in the heart of the Otay Ranch Master Plan area in Chula Vista, California. It includes urban parks, recreational facilities, open space, plazas and a trails system and is the first urban-mixed use center in South San Diego County and likely the only urban development in eastern Chula Vista. Stylus Park is the first of six parks planned for the community. California Waters constructed an interactive splash pad that is available to the public both day and evening as a result of the inclusion of multi-colored LED lighting.

An extremely unusual feature for splash pads, the 16 LED lights change colors and can be programmed for choreography through a show controller to create a special effect that enhances the mushroom jets. Additionally, the concrete surrounding the jets includes an architectural pattern of cast in place color. Controlled by a single foot activator, the splash pad encompasses a 4,000-gallon underground surge tank. The equipment is completely automated and includes state-of-the art water treatment and filtration.

The biggest challenge was to connect the motor control center and LED light panel systems into the City’s integrated building management system to allow city personnel to control the splash pad remotely, off-site.

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Millenia Project Splashpad Night Millenia Project Splashpad




Millenia Night Spray  Millenia Project Sprays






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Location: Chula Vista, CA

Project Type: Splash Pad

Project Capability: Design, Engineering, Construction

Market: Public & Community

Status: Completed 2016